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Re: suspend2 support

Marcin Juszkiewicz wrote:
> Does someone know how to integrate suspend2 support in KDE 3.5 on desktop
> machine? I recently upgraded to 2.6.15(-rc) with that patch and found it
> nice but hibernating via "sudo hibernate" is not an option here as not
> all users use Konsole.
> Best way would be 'Hibernate' option in logout window..

I thought about this a lot (albeit I have switched now to in-kernel suspend
after long time using suspend2, but that's besides the point, I still use
hibernate), but IMHO hacking logout window requires C++ patching, and I am
not able (and willing) to go there. What I did is just to create new item
in K-menu (with keyboard shortcut) which runs this script:

if [ -z $DISPLAY ] ; then exit ; fi

kdialog --yesnocancel "Suspend to RAM?"
if [[ $RESULT -eq "0" ]]; then
   sudo -u root /usr/sbin/hibernate -F /etc/hibernate/ram.conf

if [[ $RESULT -ne "2" ]]; then
   sudo -u root /usr/sbin/hibernate

Certainly that your script will be different (e.g., something about the
lines of too-well known "Are you sure?" dialog box), but I think it is the
easiest way to go.


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