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Re: kded from kdelibs 3.5.1 crashing

> > Or just 'killall drkonqi' (the 'lazy' solution). Things i use look good
> > thereafter (konqueror, kate, kmail, konsole, netbeans, openoffice, wine).
> > Some of these 'automatic' network drive icons disappeared from the desktop
> > - but this may not be important to everyone.
> Alternatively you might want to install the 'avahi-daemon' package which 
will prevent kded from crashing.

I don't want to. I already have ~500 daemons running:-(, ~480 with 
functionality not needed by me... but they are all somehow entangled.
But I close my eyes, hit return and install it. One more for heavens sake. I 
really don't need automatic printer detection and the like. 'hope this makes 
the system more stable...

Don't take that to serious, i appreciate your advice.


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