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Re: kded from kdelibs 3.5.1 crashing

Andres Järv wrote:

> Bruce Sass wrote:
>> Hmmm,
>> It appears the latest kdelibs packages (v3.5.1) doesn't like the KDE
>> currently in the archive (v3.5.0). kded keeps crashing with signal 6.
>> Unstable users not wanting to be bothered by a constant stream of
>> drkonqi windows may want to put the kdelibs packages[1] on hold until
>> more of v3.5.1 enters the archive.
Don't know what the situation is with Debian, but I recently went through
this on Ubuntu.  It seemed there was something screwed up in dependency
handling - "apt-get -f install" added a couple of extra avahi-related
packages (avahi-daemon and libavahi-something), even though "apt-get
dist-upgrade" didn't show them.

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