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Re: kmail prefix folder

Freddie Cash wrote:

> On January 13, 2006 07:12 am, Xavier wrote:
>> >> I've just upgraded kde to 3.5 and I have problems with kmail.
>> >> Before that, I was using the prefix "Mail" but now this option
>> >> doesn't exist anymore. My folders looks like that now :
>> >> +Account
>> >> |-INBOX
>> >> |+Mail
>> >>  |-Folder1
>> >>  |-Folder2
>> >>  |-Folder3
>> >> How can I modify kmail options to make it look like before?
>> >> I've read some posts about this, but, in fact, I don't have
>> >> understand anything. Can someone help me?
> Which IMAP server are you connecting to?  

I don't know. It is a SunOS server and I have a ssh account on it.
How can I know what is the IMAP server ?

When I check for mails, I see an imapd.exe process with ps -u mylogin.

> If it's Dovecot or Courier, you 
> need to set the "Prefix to Folders" setting for that account to "INBOX".
> If it's a Cyrus server, you need to set "altnamespace: yes" in the
> imapd.conf file on the server, and leave "Prefix to Folders" blank in
> KMail.

But, the option "Prefix to Folders" doesn't exist anymore with the last
version of kmail (Kmail 1.9.1 with kde 3.5), or I failed in finding it.


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