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Re: the best way to handle multimedia keys under KDE 3.5

First of all save your xmodmap:

xmodmap -pke > ~/Xmodmap.save

Then you need to find out the keycode for the keys. Open a shell and start 
xev. If you press "A" you should get something like:

KeyPress event, serial 23, synthetic NO, window 0x2800001,
    root 0x62, subw 0x0, time 3131034, (-212,59), root:(276,76),
    state 0x0, keycode 38 (keysym 0x61, a), same_screen YES,
    XLookupString gives 1 characters:  "a"

So the keycode is 38. Now edit the saved Xmodmap.save and give every 
multimedia key a name, for example F12-F20. If you move Xmodmap.save to 
~/.Xmodmap it should be loaded automatically on startup. If you want to load 
it for testing use

xmodmap /~Xmodmap.save

Unfortunately I don't know a program, which does all that automatically...

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