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Re: can't log out

Ben Saylor wrote:


I don't get any new messages in ~/.xsession-errors after an unsuccessful
logout attempt.  However, the problem seems to occur if and only if
qjackctl is running, so I think I've found the culprit.  As a
workaround, I'll just quit qjackctl before logging out.  But it still
seems like a problem with KDE that an application can cause logout to
fail silently.  Thanks for the suggestions!

One more suggestion: Maybe you can at least automate this workaround by
putting a script in ~/.kde/shutdown which will kill qjackctl for you.
(You can simply create the directory if you do not have it already.) In
the script a simple "pkill qjackctl" or "pkill -signal 9 qjackctl" might
do the trick for you. This might not work, however, if KDE already hangs
before it reaches the stage in which it runs the shutdown scripts.


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