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Re: kmail prefix folder

Xavier wrote:

> Freddie Cash wrote:
>> On Friday 13 January 2006 10:27 am, Freddie Cash wrote:
>>> > But, the option "Prefix to Folders" doesn't exist anymore with the
>>> > last version of kmail (Kmail 1.9.1 with kde 3.5), or I failed in
>>> > finding it.
>>> Settings -> Configure KMail -> Accounts -> double click your account in
>>> list -> Prefix to folders.
>>> This is taken from KMail 1.8.3 on KDE 3.5.0.  I don't have KMail 1.9.1.
>> For KMail 1.9.1, the option has been renamed to "Namespaces" under the
>> Accounts section.  The Personal namespace is the one you have to edit.
> Thanks for everybody's answers.
> If I create a new account with "Mail" as personal namespace, it works.
> But, if I modify an existant account, it doesn't.

It worked for me, when I changed from Courier to Dovecot and they used a
different default namespace
> Another question, if I ask kmail to look itself for the namespaces, it
> finds this :
> personal: <Empty>,#mh/,#mhinbox
> other users: ~
> shared: #ftp/,#news.,#public/,#shared/
> does someone know what it means ?

Sort of.  I'd really appreciate it if somebody could clarify it for me
though :-)

aiui, you can access regular folders without a prefix, and MH folders (can't
remember what creates them but they're not mbox, not maildir) as #mh/... or

Other users' folders would be ~USER...

I'm confused by the fact that some of the prefixes are terminated with a /
and some with a .

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