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Re: Spellchecker accepts too many incorrectly spelled words

On Sunday 08 January 2006 02:01 pm, Anders Ellenshøj Andersen wrote:
> Something which bugs me immensely about kde 3.4 is the spell checker. In
> 3.3 when you were typing an email or filling in a web form. Automatic
> spellchecking would turn itself off after you typed in about 10 misspelled
> words. In kde 3.4 this has changed so now it will accept a lot more..
> perhaps 50 words.

So that's why the spellchecker only sometimes turns on for me...  And here I 
thought it was a bug. :-)  Is there a way to configure the number of errors 
before it gives up on me?  I often am quoting previous posts by someone else 
that have a dozen errors in them already, so I don't get any spellchecking 
assistance on my own post, which is badness.  

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