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Re: [Kde 3.5.0] problem with ë etc

Op donderdag 12 januari 2006 12:51, schreef Frank Van Damme:
> Hello list,
> I have a slight problem since I upgraded to the kde 3.5 packages found
> on http://pkg-kde.alioth.debian.org/kde-3.5.0/ . Several Kde programs
> suddenly have a problem with file and directory names with certain
> characters in them. For example, if I create a directory "accentëdir"
> it will show up like this in Konqueror: "accentëdir". It causes
> problems with other kde programs (eg digikam) who are unable to find
> back their folders.
> (in case it is relevant) my $LANG is set to nl_BE.UTF-8@euro.

Which program do you use to create the directory?

What does ls show?

What are your language settings in KDE?

Which filesystem do you use?

If you look at the file using konqueror, is it a local file, or is the file 
accessed via fish, smb, ftp, something else?

I've tried the same here on my desktop, and it seems to work.

Peter Palm

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