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Re: suspend2 support

Dnia środa, 4 stycznia 2006 15:08, Matej Cepl napisał:

> I thought about this a lot (albeit I have switched now to in-kernel
> suspend after long time using suspend2, but that's besides the point, I
> still use hibernate), but IMHO hacking logout window requires C++
> patching, and I am not able (and willing) to go there. 

> What I did is just to create new item in K-menu (with keyboard shortcut)
> which runs this script:

> Certainly that your script will be different (e.g., something about the
> lines of too-well known "Are you sure?" dialog box), but I think it is
> the easiest way to go.

I probably goes that way too but with small binary which will display 
QMessageBox('are you sure') and will execute 'hibernate'. This way I could 
make it suid so sudo will not be required (think about users which does 
not use Konsole and does not need sudo privileges).

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