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the best way to handle multimedia keys under KDE 3.5

I've recently bought a Logitech MX 3100 Cordless Desktop which comes with the 
MX1000 Laser Mouse and a nice Cordless Keyboard. Since they both have all 
these new multimedia keys i looked on google and noticed that there different 
ways to handle them:
- hotkeys
- kde control center (kxkb)
- lineakd (along with klineakconfig and lineak-kdeplugins)

I didn't even tried hotkeys and went straightforward to look for my keyboard 
type in kcontrol.  Despite the are a lot of Logitech Keyboards, there wasn't 
mine and with each of those most of my multimedia keys weren't working.
I looked around to see if there was some file i could edit to setup my 
keyboard layout and have my keyboard type in kcontrol, but i couldn't find 
any way to do it.

So decided to try lineakd where i immediately saw my keyboard was present. 
Unfortunately just a couple of keys were working. So i read the page "How to 
get your keyboard supported" on lineakd website in the documentation and 
finally wrote a working profile for my keyboard.
I'm not much happy with this solution because it means adding another daemon 
running, but this was the only solution. It would be nice is KDE integrated 
such a tool.

So, did anyone else tried to make his keyboard multimedia keys working? What 
did you use? How is it doing?

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