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kdelibs4 vs. kdelibs4c2

Hi KDE/DEB-users,

I'm using Sarge for working in professional CAD area (VariCAD) and and also suporting this, but now I have the problem, that I cannot install the newest version because of package conflicts.

The main problem is, that VariCAD is linked against kdelibs4, but I've installed kdelibs4c2. When scanning through dependecies I would have to do almost a complete reinstallation of the KDE with many packages removing which I'm using intensively (in addition to my CAD system).

My questions are:
1. Why are there 2 conflicting libraries which "do the same?", when just
   looking on the package descriptions?
   kdelibs4c2: core libraries for all KDE applications
   kdelibs4: KDE core libraries

2. Is there a less painfull method to install VariCAD without
   reeinstalling almost the complete KDE part?

Bye ans thanks in advance,
 Gerhard Reithofer
 Tech-EDV Support Forum - http://www.tech-edv.co.at/vcms/

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