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Re: kdelibs4 vs. kdelibs4c2

You have mixed packages from testing/unstable with the ones of stable (sarge). There are two c++ compiler transitions for the next release of debian (etch) that lead up to new names of library packages, the ones ending with c2 and c2a. The second transition was caused by serious problems with some libraries with the first g++ 4.0 configuration. See the archives if you want to know more about this. I suppose that VariCAD is linked against sarge's KDE packages and not the newest one. A possible solution is reinstall all sarge kde packages and remove the newest ones. I don't know if this will break some user profile configuration files.

Emilio Scalise

Gerhard Reithofer ha scritto:

Hi KDE/DEB-users,

I'm using Sarge for working in professional CAD area (VariCAD) and and also suporting this, but now I have the problem, that I cannot install the newest version because of package conflicts.

The main problem is, that VariCAD is linked against kdelibs4, but I've installed kdelibs4c2. When scanning through dependecies I would have to do almost a complete reinstallation of the KDE with many packages removing which I'm using intensively (in addition to my CAD system).

My questions are:
1. Why are there 2 conflicting libraries which "do the same?", when just
   looking on the package descriptions?
   kdelibs4c2: core libraries for all KDE applications
   kdelibs4: KDE core libraries

2. Is there a less painfull method to install VariCAD without
   reeinstalling almost the complete KDE part?

Bye ans thanks in advance,
 Gerhard Reithofer
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