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Re: [KDE3.5] kmail, INBOX namespace and subscriptions

VSJ wrote:

> I'm using KDE 3.5 from alioth and it seems that KMail has a new folder
> namespace handling.
> When using Courier IMAP, all folders are subfolders of Inbox (which I
> don't like at all) even when the INBOX namespace is set.
> Now I'd like to change some folder subscriptions, but no matter what I
> try, I always see Inbox in the left pane as only folder, and I'm unable to
> change the subscription status of the subfolders of Inbox.
> Is this a bug, or a feature?

Regardless, surely it's a bug or feature of Courier-imap.  I've recently
changed from Courier to dovecot, and KMail has no problem with folders as
either siblings or childred of INBOX (all folders _were_ children of INBOX
previously).  Courier never had any problem with subscriptions, either, so
I would suspect that is related to ownership of the directories.

My mail directories have access : drwxrwx--- 
and have group "mail".

The imap folders have various ownerships "drwx--S--" "drwx-----" and
"drwxrws--".  If your MDA delivers direct to the subfolders, I guess they'd
need group-read/write.

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