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Re: Problems with hal, devices and udev

A Dimarts 24 Gener 2006 20:19, Florian Kulzer va escriure:
> Leopold Palomo-Avellaneda wrote:
> [...]
> >>When I plug in a USB device, I immediately see some harddisk access
> >>(syslog etc.) and then, after 1-2 seconds, there is a short spike in CPU
> >>activity and the icon appears on my desktop. Do you observe something
> >>similar on your system?
> >
> > yes but not the icon. It's strange to me, because in my box at home,
> > appears a nice windows asking about what to do with the device...
> This has reminded me of something else: Check if the option "Enable HAL
> Backend" is activated in the "KDE Control Center > Peripherals > Storage
> Media > Advanced" menu. I do not remember anymore if this was activated
> automatically or if I had to do it manually. The "Notifications" menu
> might also be relevant.

yes, it's actived ....

> [...]
> > Ok, it's active. It's ok, very ok to comment it because I have the
> > suspicious that it's a stupid thing. I have realized that in konqueror I
> > have not any devices i the toolbar of the left, and I don't know why.
> > Maybe it's something about the problem ....
> I think this is an unrelated bug. I also "lost" my devices in konqueror
> when I went from hotplug to udev. Now I get a "Protocol not supported"
> error whenever I click on the devices icon, but my pluggable device
> icons on the desktop still work. Therefore I think you don't have to
> worry about this right now.

ok, thank's for all Florian,



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