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Re: Re: Sid, K3b and the "automounter" conflicting.

> I'm burning a data DVD with K3b, which seems to go well, but when
> it comes time to verify...
> The disk is ejected
> The "Please reload media" box comes up
> I close the drive and go to hit "ok", but up pops this new window
> saying that there is a data DVD in the drive, do I want to open it
> in a new window or cancel?
> I cancel, hit "ok" for K3b, which tries some stuff and then
> announces that it cannot read the files on the disk.

I haven't run into verifying things with K3b, so some of this could be off a 
bit ;)

It sounds like k3b can't read the disk after you reinsert it because you do 
not then subsequently mount it.  The new KDE feature you mention is not 
exactly an automounter, it does not automatically mount media unless you tell 
it to.  It asks you what to do with new media, and by pressing 'cancel' you 
are telling it to do nothing, so it is not mounted, and cannot then be read.

Uninstalling it won't help you at all, as the media will remain unmounted.  
Try this: when it asks you to open in a new window or cancel, tell it to open 
in a new window.  This will mount the disk and open a konqueror window with 
that disk's contents displayed.  Close that window (or not, shouldn't matter) 
and K3b should then be able to verify it.  

Not sure why you would get different behaviour for a CD and a DVD, but try 
letting the KDE media thingy mount it and see if that works.

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