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Re: 1024x768 resolution assistance

On Sat, 28 Jan 2006, D. Michael 'Silvan' McIntyre wrote:

On Saturday 28 January 2006 5:25 pm, Hendrik Sattler wrote:

I strongly object to that. The debconf actually only cover the basics, even
my wacom tablet needs manual editing (which is neither unusual nor a weird
resolution). Additional, two monitors might need that too.

Second that.  I had the same problems as the OP here after switching to a new
LCD monitor.  It refused to do anything higher than 640x480, which looked
absolutely dismal on a 19" screen hard wired for 1280x1024.  I finally worked
it out by copying bits of a KNOPPIX-generated conf file into my
debconf-generated one.  The Debian auto config bits always did the wrong
thing no matter how many different "front door" tactics I tried.  If all else
fails, hack the thing and get it over with.

Of course. However, a monitor that only does 1280x1024, graphics tablets, and dual monitors all qualify as unusual or weird for a typical desktop, imo.

Keep in mind that you are responding to someone moving from Mandrake to Debian/unstable who thinks that a new graphics card is required because Debian doesn't autoconfigure as well as Mandrake... they are probably already pushing their envelope (a good thing I woudn't want to discourage), how helpful is `edit the configs' gonna be if it is likely they don't even know what the "front door" or "all else" is.

- Bruce

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