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Re: Only a few fonts available

2006. január 1. 22:48,
Dennis Busboom <dcbnebr@yahoo.com>
-> debian-kde@lists.debian.org,:
> A couple days ago I downloaded and burned the current netinst ISO image and
> installed Debian/KDE on a new machine. The install went perfectly, however
> when in KDE or Gnome, there are only 23 fonts available. The 'prettier'
> fonts (helvetica, etc) that are available on my other Debian machines
> aren't listed in the window managers lists.  I have manually reinstalled
> font related packages (xfonts-*, fontconfig, etc), re-ran 'fc-cache -f -v'
> manually (it shows hundreds of fonts found), changed around the font paths
> in XF86Config-4, used the font installer in Control Center to add fonts
> both as a user and as root, and have toggled all font related settings
> (anti-aliasing, etc) in KDE, but still only that handful of fonts is
> available. What else can I do to make all the installed fonts available?
>  Thanks!
It is just a shot in the dark, but try
dpkg-reconfigure fontconfig
and select bitmap fonts.




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