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Problem with KAddressBook / KOrganizer and IMAP groupware


First, my thanks to everyone involved with making KDE happen, both those 
writting the software and those packaging it for Debian.  Your efforts are 
very much appreciated!

I'm having a problem with using KDE to organise my life.  I am (or was) using 
an IMAP-based "groupware" to store contacts, events and To-Do items.  This 
allowed me to sync and update from multiple locations (desktop and laptop) 
and was working fine.  My desktop was running sarge, but I've moved to etch.  
The laptop is running sid.

The problem is this: neither of the KDE PIM applications I use (KAddressBook, 
KOrganizer) show any data unless KMail explicitly highlights a particular 
message within the groupware folder.  If no groupware email is highlighted, 
then no data is available to either application.  If a single message is 
highlighted, then the data in that email is available,  but no other (i.e. a 
single person is available to KAddressBook and that person's birthday to 
KOrganizer; or, if an event, that event is available to KOrganizer).  If I 
attempt to highlight the whole folder, still only a single piece of 
information is available (the one with the dotted box around it). Running 
Kontact exhibits the same behaviour.

In order for the PIM application to aware of a highlighted email, I must 
unselect ("untick") the IMAP information source, then select it again; 
apparently forcing a re-reading of the available information.

I suspect that I may have some broken configuration in ~/.kde/share/... that 
is causing this problem as no one else seems to be reporting this.  I can 
spend some time investigating this problem, but have absolutely no idea where 
to start and the learning curve for KDE is somewhat daunting.

Please tell me either how to fix it or where to start looking!



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