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Re: can not use "the KDE sound system" in notifications

On Friday 27 January 2006 04:03, LeVA wrote:
> Hi!
> I'm running KDE 3.5 and have artsd. Unfortunately when I switch to "Use
> the KDE sound system" in KControl / Sound & Mult / System Notif / Player
> Settings, the system sounds are not working. This is funny because if I
> choose the "Use an external player" and specify 'artsplay' as the player,
> I can hear the sounds. So the arts server is working, but do you guys
> know what is the problem with the prior case?
> Thanks!
> Daniel
Hi Daniel,

Check the options in your knotifyrc file.  For some reason, I've had 
problems with "Use Arts" becoming false after upgrades or seemingly without 
manual intervention.

Hope that helps,

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