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Only a few fonts available

A couple days ago I downloaded and burned the current netinst ISO image and installed Debian/KDE on a new machine. The install went perfectly, however when in KDE or Gnome, there are only 23 fonts available. The 'prettier' fonts (helvetica, etc) that are available on my other Debian machines aren't listed in the window managers lists.  I have manually reinstalled font related packages (xfonts-*, fontconfig, etc), re-ran 'fc-cache -f -v' manually (it shows hundreds of fonts found), changed around the font paths in XF86Config-4, used the font installer in Control Center to add fonts both as a user and as root, and have toggled all font related settings (anti-aliasing, etc) in KDE, but still only that handful of fonts is available.
What else can I do to make all the installed fonts available?

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