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Re: kded from kdelibs 3.5.1 crashing

Tim Ruehsen wrote:

>> > Or just 'killall drkonqi' (the 'lazy' solution). Things i use look good
>> > thereafter (konqueror, kate, kmail, konsole, netbeans, openoffice,
>> > wine). Some of these 'automatic' network drive icons disappeared from
>> > the desktop - but this may not be important to everyone.
>> Alternatively you might want to install the 'avahi-daemon' package which
> will prevent kded from crashing.
> I don't want to. I already have ~500 daemons running:-(, ~480 with
> functionality not needed by me... but they are all somehow entangled.
> But I close my eyes, hit return and install it. One more for heavens sake.
> I really don't need automatic printer detection and the like. 'hope this
> makes the system more stable...

Well, I try to limit the number of daemons running, too, but you have to
stop thinking of daemons as unnecessary processes and just consider (at
least some of them) as userspace kernel extensions.  A large number of
daemons (and particularly the ones responsible for the recent explosion of
daemons) are doing things that _used_ to be done in the kernel.  No you
probably don't need automatic printer detection, but do you really have a
daemon that _only_ does that?

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