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Re: Media control applet

On Saturday 14 January 2006 09:58, Marcin Juszkiewicz wrote:
> Dnia sobota, 14 stycznia 2006 09:48, Alejandro Exojo napisał:
> > With the upgrade of kicker applets, the media control applet broke.
> > Kicker warned when restarting KDE, and now I can no longer add it.
> >
> > Can someone please check if you can add it in your system, so I know if
> > I can fill a bug report?
> kicker-applets 4:3.5.0-3 here
> Adding 'media control' applet gives requester with info that such applet
> cannot be found.

Works for me. List of kde packages attached.
Cheers, JD.
ii  akregator                                              3.5.0-4                        RSS feed aggregator for KDE
ii  ark                                                    3.5.0-3                        graphical archiving tool for KDE
ii  artsbuilder                                            3.5.0-3                        synthesizer designer for aRts
ii  atlantik                                               3.5.0-3                        KDE client for Monopoly-like network games
ii  atlantikdesigner                                       3.5.0-3                        game board designer for Atlantik
ii  dcoprss                                                3.5.0-3                        RSS utilities for KDE
ii  kaddressbook                                           3.5.0-4                        KDE NG addressbook application
ii  kaddressbook-plugins                                   3.5.0-3                        plugins for KAddressBook, the KDE address bo
ii  kalarm                                                 3.5.0-4                        KDE alarm message, command and email schedul
ii  kamera                                                 3.5.0-3                        digital camera io_slave for Konqueror
ii  kandy                                                  3.5.0-4                        KDE mobile phone utility
ii  kappfinder                                             3.5.0-4                        non-KDE application finder for KDE
ii  karm                                                   3.5.0-4                        KDE time tracker tool
ii  kasteroids                                             3.5.0-3                        Asteroids for KDE
ii  kate                                                   3.5.0-4                        advanced text editor for KDE
ii  kate-plugins                                           3.5.0-3                        plugins for Kate, the KDE Advanced Text Edit
ii  katomic                                                3.5.0-3                        Atomic Entertainment game for KDE
ii  kbackgammon                                            3.5.0-3                        A Backgammon game for KDE
ii  kbattleship                                            3.5.0-3                        Battleship game for KDE
ii  kblackbox                                              3.5.0-3                        A simple logical game for the KDE project
ii  kbounce                                                3.5.0-3                        Jezzball clone for the K Desktop Environment
ii  kcalc                                                  3.5.0-3                        calculator for KDE
ii  kcharselect                                            3.5.0-3                        character selector for KDE
ii  kcoloredit                                             3.5.0-3                        a color palette editor and color picker for 
ii  kcontrol                                               3.5.0-4                        control center for KDE
ii  kde-i18n-fr                                            3.5.0-3                        French (fr) internationalized (i18n) files f
ii  kdeaddons                                              3.5.0-3                        add-on plugins and applets provided with KDE
ii  kdeaddons-kfile-plugins                                3.5.0-3                        KDE file dialog plugins for text files and f
ii  kdeartwork-emoticons                                   3.5.0.dfsg.1-2                 emoticon collections for KDE chat clients
ii  kdebase                                                3.5.0-4                        base components from the official KDE releas
ii  kdebase-bin                                            3.5.0-4                        core binaries for the KDE base module
ii  kdebase-data                                           3.5.0-4                        shared data files for the KDE base module
ii  kdebase-kio-plugins                                    3.5.0-4                        core I/O slaves for KDE
ii  kdegames                                               3.5.0-3                        KDE Games metapackage
ii  kdegames-card-data                                     3.5.0-3                        Card decks for KDE games
ii  kdegraphics                                            3.5.0-3                        graphics apps from the official KDE release
ii  kdegraphics-kfile-plugins                              3.5.0-3                        KDE metainfo plugins for graphic files
ii  kdelibs                                                3.5.0-3                        core libraries from the official KDE release
ii  kdelibs-bin                                            3.5.0-3                        core binaries for all KDE applications
ii  kdelibs-data                                           3.5.0-3                        core shared data for all KDE applications
ii  kdelibs4c2a                                            3.5.0-3                        core libraries for all KDE applications
ii  kdelirc                                                3.5.0-3                        infrared control for KDE
ii  kdemultimedia-kio-plugins                              3.5.0-3                        enables the browsing of audio CDs under Konq
ii  kdenetwork                                             3.5.0-3                        network-related apps from the official KDE r
ii  kdenetwork-kfile-plugins                               3.5.0-3                        torrent metainfo plugin for KDE
ii  kdepasswd                                              3.5.0-4                        password changer for KDE
ii  kdepim                                                 3.5.0-4                        KDE Personal Information Management metapack
ii  kdepim-kfile-plugins                                   3.5.0-4                        KDE File dialog plugins for palm and vcf fil
ii  kdepim-kio-plugins                                     3.5.0-4                        KDE pim I/O Slaves
ii  kdepim-kresources                                      3.5.0-4                        KDE pim resource plugins
ii  kdepim-wizards                                         3.5.0-4                        KDE server configuration wizards
ii  kdeprint                                               3.5.0-4                        print system for KDE
ii  kdesktop                                               3.5.0-4                        miscellaneous binaries and files for the KDE
ii  kdessh                                                 3.5.0-3                        ssh frontend for KDE
ii  kdeutils                                               3.5.0-3                        general purpose utilities from the official 
ii  kdewallpapers                                          3.5.0.dfsg.1-2                 wallpapers released with KDE
ii  kdf                                                    3.5.0-3                        disk space utility for KDE
ii  kdict                                                  3.5.0-3                        dictionary client for KDE
ii  kdm                                                    3.5.0-4                        X display manager for KDE
ii  kdvi                                                   3.5.0-3                        dvi viewer for KDE
ii  kedit                                                  3.5.0-3                        basic text editor for KDE
ii  kenolaba                                               3.5.0-3                        Enolaba board game for KDE
ii  kfax                                                   3.5.0-3                        G3/G4 fax viewer for KDE
ii  kfaxview                                               3.5.0-3                        G3/G4 fax viewer for KDE using kviewshell
ii  kfind                                                  3.5.0-4                        file-find utility for KDE
ii  kfloppy                                                3.5.0-3                        floppy formatter for KDE
ii  kfouleggs                                              3.5.0-3                        A KDE clone of the Japanese PuyoPuyo game
ii  kgamma                                                 3.5.0-3                        gamma correction module for the KDE Control 
ii  kget                                                   3.5.0-3                        download manager for KDE
ii  kghostview                                             3.5.0-3                        PostScript viewer for KDE
ii  kgoldrunner                                            3.5.0-3                        A KDE clone of the Loderunner arcade game
ii  kgpg                                                   3.5.0-3                        GnuPG frontend for KDE
ii  khelpcenter                                            3.5.0-4                        help center for KDE
ii  khexedit                                               3.5.0-3                        KDE hex editor
ii  kicker                                                 3.5.0-4                        desktop panel for KDE
ii  kicker-applets                                         3.5.0-3                        applets for Kicker, the KDE panel
ii  kiconedit                                              3.5.0-3                        an icon editor for KDE
ii  kitchensync                                            3.5.0-4                        Synchronization framework
ii  kjots                                                  3.5.0-3                        note taking utility for KDE
ii  kjumpingcube                                           3.5.0-3                        Tactical one or two player game
ii  klaptopdaemon                                          3.5.0-3                        battery monitoring and management for laptop
ii  kleopatra                                              3.5.0-4                        KDE Certificate Manager
ii  klickety                                               3.5.0-3                        A Clickomania-like game for KDE
ii  klines                                                 3.5.0-3                        Color lines for KDE
ii  klipper                                                3.5.0-4                        clipboard utility for KDE
ii  kmahjongg                                              3.5.0-3                        the classic mahjongg game for KDE project
ii  kmail                                                  3.5.0-4                        KDE Email client
ii  kmailcvt                                               3.5.0-4                        KDE KMail mail folder converter
ii  kmenuedit                                              3.5.0-4                        menu editor for KDE
ii  kmilo                                                  3.5.0-3                        laptop special keys support for KDE
ii  kmines                                                 3.5.0-3                        Minesweeper for KDE
ii  kmix                                                   3.5.0-3                        sound mixer applet for KDE
ii  kmrml                                                  3.5.0-3                        a Konqueror plugin for searching pictures
ii  knetwalk                                               3.5.0-3                        A game for system administrators
ii  knewsticker                                            3.5.0-3                        news ticker applet for KDE
ii  knewsticker-scripts                                    3.5.0-3                        scripts for KNewsTicker, the KDE news ticker
ii  knode                                                  3.5.0-4                        KDE news reader
ii  knotes                                                 3.5.0-4                        KDE sticky notes
ii  kolf                                                   3.5.0-3                        Minigolf game for KDE
ii  kolourpaint                                            3.5.0-3                        a simple paint program for KDE
ii  konq-plugins                                           3.5.0-3                        plugins for Konqueror, the KDE file/web/doc 
ii  konqueror                                              3.5.0-4                        KDE's advanced file manager, web browser and
ii  konqueror-nsplugins                                    3.5.0-4                        Netscape plugin support for Konqueror
ii  konquest                                               3.5.0-3                        KDE based GNU-Lactic Konquest game
ii  konsole                                                3.5.0-4                        X terminal emulator for KDE
ii  konsolekalendar                                        3.5.0-4                        KDE konsole personal organizer
ii  kontact                                                3.5.0-4                        KDE pim application
ii  kooka                                                  3.5.0-3                        scanner program for KDE
ii  kopete                                                 3.5.0-3                        instant messenger for KDE
ii  korganizer                                             3.5.0-4                        KDE personal organizer
ii  korn                                                   3.5.0-4                        KDE mail checker
ii  kpager                                                 3.5.0-4                        desktop pager for KDE
ii  kpat                                                   3.5.0-3                        KDE solitaire patience game
ii  kpdf                                                   3.5.0-3                        PDF viewer for KDE
ii  kpersonalizer                                          3.5.0-4                        installation personalizer for KDE
ii  kpf                                                    3.5.0-3                        public fileserver for KDE
ii  kpilot                                                 3.5.0-4                        KDE Palm Pilot hot-sync tool
ii  kpoker                                                 3.5.0-3                        KDE based Poker clone
ii  kpovmodeler                                            3.5.0-3                        a graphical editor for povray scenes
ii  kppp                                                   3.5.0-3                        modem dialer and ppp frontend for KDE
ii  krdc                                                   3.5.0-3                        Remote Desktop Connection for KDE
ii  kregexpeditor                                          3.5.0-3                        graphical regular expression editor plugin f
ii  kreversi                                               3.5.0-3                        Reversi for KDE
ii  krfb                                                   3.5.0-3                        Desktop Sharing for KDE
ii  kruler                                                 3.5.0-3                        a screen ruler and color measurement tool fo
ii  ksame                                                  3.5.0-3                        SameGame for KDE
ii  kscd                                                   3.5.0-3                        audio CD player for KDE
ii  kscreensaver                                           3.5.0.dfsg.1-2                 additional screen savers released with KDE
ii  kscreensaver-xsavers                                   3.5.0.dfsg.1-2                 KDE hooks for standard xscreensavers
ii  kshisen                                                3.5.0-3                        Shisen-Sho for KDE
ii  ksig                                                   3.5.0-3                        graphical tool for managing multiple email s
ii  ksim                                                   3.5.0-3                        system information monitor for KDE
ii  ksirc                                                  3.5.0-3                        IRC client for KDE
ii  ksirtet                                                3.5.0-3                        Tetris and Puyo-Puyo games for KDE
ii  ksmiletris                                             3.5.0-3                        Tetris like game for KDE
ii  ksmserver                                              3.5.0-4                        session manager for KDE
ii  ksnake                                                 3.5.0-3                        Snake Race for KDE
ii  ksnapshot                                              3.5.0-3                        screenshot utility for KDE
ii  ksokoban                                               3.5.0-3                        Sokoban game for KDE
ii  kspaceduel                                             3.5.0-3                        Arcade two-player space game for KDE
ii  ksplash                                                3.5.0-4                        the KDE splash screen
ii  ksvg                                                   3.5.0-3                        SVG viewer for KDE
ii  ksync                                                  3.5.0-4                        KDE Sync
ii  ksysguard                                              3.5.0-4                        system guard for KDE
ii  ksysguardd                                             3.5.0-4                        system guard daemon for KDE
ii  ktimer                                                 3.5.0-3                        timer utility for KDE
ii  ktip                                                   3.5.0-4                        useful tips for KDE
ii  ktnef                                                  3.5.0-4                        KDE TNEF viewer
ii  ktron                                                  3.5.0-3                        Tron clone for the K Desktop Environment
ii  ktuberling                                             3.5.0-3                        Potato Guy for KDE
ii  kuickshow                                              3.5.0-3                        KDE image/slideshow viewer
ii  kview                                                  3.5.0-3                        simple image viewer/converter for KDE
ii  kviewshell                                             3.5.0-3                        generic framework for viewer applications in
ii  kwalletmanager                                         3.5.0-3                        wallet manager for KDE
ii  kweather                                               3.5.0-3                        weather display applet for KDE
ii  kwifimanager                                           3.5.0-3                        wireless lan manager for KDE
ii  kwin                                                   3.5.0-4                        the KDE window manager
ii  kwin4                                                  3.5.0-3                        Connect Four clone for KDE
ii  libarts1-akode                                         3.5.0-3                        akode plugin for aRts
ii  libindex0                                              3.5.0-4                        KDE indexing library
ii  libkcal2b                                              3.5.0-4                        KDE calendaring library
ii  libkcddb1                                              3.5.0-3                        CDDB library for KDE
ii  libkdegames1                                           3.5.0-3                        KDE games library and common files
ii  libkdepim1a                                            3.5.0-4                        KDE PIM library
ii  libkgantt0                                             3.5.0-4                        KDE gantt charting library
ii  libkleopatra1                                          3.5.0-4                        KDE GnuPG interface libraries
ii  libkmime2                                              3.5.0-4                        KDE MIME interface library
ii  libkonq4                                               3.5.0-4                        core libraries for Konqueror
ii  libkpimexchange1                                       3.5.0-4                        KDE PIM Exchange library
ii  libkpimidentities1                                     3.5.0-4                        KDE PIM user identity information library
ii  libkscan1                                              3.5.0-3                        scanner library for KDE
ii  libksieve0                                             3.5.0-4                        KDE mail/news message filtering library
ii  libktnef1                                              3.5.0-4                        Library for handling KTNEF email attachments
ii  libmimelib1c2a                                         3.5.0-4                        KDE mime library
ii  librss1                                                3.5.0-3                        RSS library for KDE
ii  lskat                                                  3.5.0-3                        Lieutnant Skat card game for KDE
ii  networkstatus                                          3.5.0-4                        KDE network status monitor
ii  noatun                                                 3.5.0-3                        media player for KDE
ii  noatun-plugins                                         3.5.0-3                        plugins for Noatun, the KDE media player
ii  superkaramba                                           3.5.0-3                        a program based on karamba improving the eye

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