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Re: Window mini-icon (kwin)

On Sat, 28 Jan 2006, Nate Bargmann wrote:

This is probably a silly (read obvious) question, but how does one change
or specify the mini-icon of windows kwin only uses the generic X for?
I've Googled and read some KDE docs, but I've not figured out the
answer.  I use several apps, Mutt in a xterm and xfte that I would like
to use their icons on their respective windows.


Compare the infrastructure (menu templates, .desktop files, etc.) used by a programs which `work' and those which don't... look for missing lines and/or patterns of use.

e.g.: Icon=kate vs. Icon=/some/path/to/icon.format

The more the app looks like a KDE app, the more likely it is that KDE will display it the same as a native app.

Don't forget to file wishlist bugs with "patches" against those packages you get to work properly.

- Bruce

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