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Re: Kmail 1.9.1 (KDE 3.5) 'save attachments' productivity loss

On Monday 23 January 2006 04:36, Tim Ruehsen wrote:
> Hi,
> I just updated to KDE 3.5 / KMail 1.9.1. When selecting 'save
> attachments' on a mail with 2 or more attachments, a directory
> selector/requester pop's up. It asks me for a directory to save the files
> into. BUT:
> * I can't access my bookmarked directories. This makes the process of
> selecting a directory much slower.
This is because the widget used doesn't support bookmarks.  You could file a 
wish list bug against the directory chooser widget, or you could add your 
bookmark to the left hand pane by right clicking and selecting "Add 

> * I can't see any files in the selected directory. This cuts me off from:
>   - a quick view into the directory (my decision to create a new
> directory might be based on the contents).
>   - removing/renaming single files before I press OK (for saving).
Since the widget is designed to choose a directory, it was designed to only 
show you directories.  Again, you could file a wish list bug against the 
widget, but I'd suspect it would be tagged won't fix.  But I'm not the one 
who makes that decision, so I could be wrong.

Regarding renaming or removing single files, how would you know which file 
you're renaming or removing?  I mean, which of the files that you're 
saving?  That's the reason the directory chooser widget was chosen: since 
there is more than one file to be saved, it can't let you rename them.  If 
you want to rename as you save, select them one at a time (by right 
clicking on the attachment) and choose save as.  This will allow you to use 
your favorites folders, as well as see files, rename files, etc.  But I 
guess you already know that, based upon your "2 or more attachments" 

> Since I use this feature up to several times a day, this loss of
> productivity really annoys me.
> Is there a switch to enforce getting a file selector?
> If not: Would this be more a wishlist item or a minor/normal bug?
> Are there any other people who dislike the new 'feature'?
> Regards, Tim

Out of curiosity, what did it work like before?

Hope this helps some,
Justin Guerin

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