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artsd sound recorder directly saving to wav?


I am in the process of recording all of my old tapes to the computer. I
don't care much about the quality (there are old tapes after all), but
there is huge amount of data involved. Tried krec, but it is really weird
to have effectively play each song twice, because export to wav apparently
is not that faster then original recording. Then tried audacity, but it
doesn't work with artsd running, and I wasn't able to make it work anyway
with my ALSA drivers (does it work with ALSA at all?). Then in the sheer
desperation I tried 

artsrec -r 48000 -b 16 -c 2 out.wav

but I cannot make even artsplay play out.wav.

Can anybody help?



Matej Cepl, http://www.ceplovi.cz/matej/blog/
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