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Re: Problems with hal, devices and udev

Leopold Palomo-Avellaneda wrote:

And second, I can plug a device, it appears in syslog, etc, but no
windows appears. What I'm doing wrong?

You need to install the package "pmount" and add your user to the group
"plugdev". Then you should be able to activate "automatic" desktop icons
for your pluggable devices in the "KDE Control Center > Desktop >
Behavior > Device Icons" dialog.

also, it doesn't work  ..... really I begin to be a bit desesperately. It
really bothers me that a boy near me with redhat can mount pen drive with a nice window without any problem and I with debian can't !!

I would have expected that KDE will manage to put an icon on the desktop
if the device shows up in the syslog. Did you try to use pmount from the
konsole to see if it works, e.g. "pmount /dev/sda1 usb"? Then the device
should be mounted under /media/usb. Maybe you will get an error message
that helps to identify the cause of the problem.

If pmount works on its own then the problem is with KDE. I think you
mentioned in your first mail that you run a "mixed testing/unstable"
system. Maybe it is worthwhile to check that you do not have any old KDE
3.4 libraries left installed anywhere, e.g. with
dpkg -l "*" | grep -i kde | grep 3.4

You could also consider using the package "usbmount". I have no
experience with it myself, but I remember some people on debian-user
recommending it.


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