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Re: kmail prefix folder

On January 13, 2006 07:12 am, Xavier wrote:
> >> I've just upgraded kde to 3.5 and I have problems with kmail.

> >> Before that, I was using the prefix "Mail" but now this option
> >> doesn't exist anymore. My folders looks like that now :

> >> +Account
> >> |-INBOX
> >> |+Mail
> >>  |-Folder1
> >>  |-Folder2
> >>  |-Folder3

> >> How can I modify kmail options to make it look like before?

> >> I've read some posts about this, but, in fact, I don't have
> >> understand anything. Can someone help me?

Which IMAP server are you connecting to?  If it's Dovecot or Courier, you 
need to set the "Prefix to Folders" setting for that account to "INBOX".  
If it's a Cyrus server, you need to set "altnamespace: yes" in the 
imapd.conf file on the server, and leave "Prefix to Folders" blank in 

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