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Re: konqueror heavy swapping

2006/1/24, Florian Kulzer <florian@molphys.leidenuniv.nl>:
> Did you ever try to adjust the "swappiness" of your system? I think it
> is set quite high by default on Debian. This means that the kernel will
> swap out sleeping processes quite aggressively as soon as there is the
> slightest possibility that the RAM might be needed at some point in the
> future. This is probably a good idea on a server. However, on desktop
> machines, when latency in user interactions is a major annoyance, it is
> usually better to set the swappiness to a low value. I use a swappiness
> of 10 (the scale is 0-100) and I am quite happy with the resulting
> behavior. You can find out your swappiness with
> $ cat /proc/sys/vm/swappiness
> and change it with
> # echo 10 > /proc/sys/vm/swappiness
> If a lower swappiness improves your issues with konqueror you can make
> the setting persistent over reboots by adding the line
> vm.swappiness = 10
> to your /etc/sysctl.conf.

Yes, on my system this is set to 40, probably I could still go lower.

Frank Van Damme

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