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Re: problem with ë etc

2006/1/12, Peter Palm <peterp@stack.nl>:

> > (in case it is relevant) my $LANG is set to nl_BE.UTF-8@euro.
> Which program do you use to create the directory?


> What does ls show?

accentëdir . Gtk2 programs show the same.

> What are your language settings in KDE?

Country or region: Belgium; Language: US English.

> Which filesystem do you use?
> If you look at the file using konqueror, is it a local file, or is the file
> accessed via fish, smb, ftp, something else?

Does not seem to matter much. I tried it in /tmp (/ is a local ext3
filesystem) and in /home (nfs); the file server uses ext3

> I've tried the same here on my desktop, and it seems to work.

Frank Van Damme

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