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Re: reload konquerors proxy settings


On Friday 13 January 2006 23:05, Joerg Platte wrote:
> On my notebook I'm updating the contents of /etc/proxy.pac based on the
> required proxy settings for the current network. All browsers are
> configured to set their proxy settings based on the contents of this file.
> Unfortunately, when modifying this file without restarting konqueror or
> rereading its config using the configuration dialog, the old settings are
> still used. Is it possible to automatically force konqueror to reread its
> proxy settings each time the file changes?

Did you try it with DCOP?


	dcop konqueror-`pidof konqueror` KonquerorIface reparseConfiguration 

in the konsole or from a script - this should reload konquerors configuration.

Please report if it worked for you,


PS: pidof is simply a (symbolic) link to the killall5 program, which should 
also be located in /sbin. This link can be found in the sysvinit-package.

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