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Re: Sid, K3b and the "automounter" conflicting.

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Upon further testing, the automounter has nothing to do with it.

I tried under olwm, so the kde automounter isn't running. CDs verified 
just fine, no trouble at all. I wrote a data DVD and the verify 
failed to read the disk at all again.

Any suggestions gladly accepted.

On Thursday 19 January 2006 10:53, Curt Howland was heard to say:
> Hi. Clean install of Sid, as of Wednesday, and up to date this
> morning. I expect this is a new "feature" of KDE 3.5.
> I'm burning a data DVD with K3b, which seems to go well, but when
> it comes time to verify...
> The disk is ejected
> The "Please reload media" box comes up
> I close the drive and go to hit "ok", but up pops this new window
> saying that there is a data DVD in the drive, do I want to open it
> in a new window or cancel?
> I cancel, hit "ok" for K3b, which tries some stuff and then
> announces that it cannot read the files on the disk.
> This "automounter" is new to me, how do I use it so it doesn't
> conflict with K3b like this? I don't want to waste a stack of
> un-verifiable DVDs until I find the right incantation.
> Or, alternatively, what is this "automounter" called so I can
> uninstall it?
> Curt-

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