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KMail 1.9.1 header bug

Dear all, 

just experienced some unpleasant behavior of KMail 1.9.1 within Kontact 1,2:

I have an email from somebody that I have to work on. I copy the email to the 
drafts folder. In the drafts folder, I says "T" for take-up. The message 
shows (Default) as identity. I had not until now displayed the From: - field. 

I edit the message and send it on to someone else. 

Now KMail -despite showing identity (Default)- is sending the email with the 
From: of the initial From: - address of the message copied to the 
drafts-folder. This caused some irritation at the receivers of that email as 
you can imagine. I signed the message and the content did not correspond to 
the From: indicated. 

Now if I edit the message and instead of sending it directly, I save it again 
to the drafts-folder, the From: - address changed to my email-address. If I 
take it up again with "T", everything is fine and it can be sent with my 
email in From:

Question: I wanted to send a bug report to KDE. Should I do that? And if yes, 
should I file it against KMail or Kontact?



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