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Re: can't log out

Ben Saylor wrote:

When I select Log Out from the K menu and click "End current session",
"turn off computer" or "restart computer", most of the time, the dialog
disappears and nothing happens.  If I do this three times, the dialog
will no longer appear when I click "Log Out", and I have to hit
ctrl-alt-backspace to get out.  Sometimes, it will work, however.  I
have kdebase 3.5.0-4, but I've had this issue for quite a while with
older versions as well.  How can I fix this?

Check ~/.xsession-errors for error messages which appear after an
unsuccessful log-out attempt. Maybe they will give you a clue where it
goes wrong.

Close all programs, quit all applets in the system tray and try to log
out again. Does that change anything?

Generate a new, "clean" user and see if the problem disappears if you
log in as that user. If so then it is clear that the problem is
somewhere in your regular user's ~/.kde directory (which contains all
user-specific settings of KDE). In that case you could move this
directory out of the way by renaming it and then you could copy the new
user's .kde in its place. If logging out still works after that you can
carefully copy important files from the old .kde directory into the new
one, for example your KOrganizer data or your KDE Wallet files. All
other settings and customizations should maybe be done manually in the
KDE Control Center, unless you really want to find out which file in the
old .kde directory causes the problem.


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