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Re: konqueror heavy swapping

On Monday 23 January 2006 02:38 pm, Kevin Krammer wrote:
> What process uses most memory according to top?

Thanks for the response!

At the moment, the top three memory users are:

   * (an instance of) konqueror at 13.8%
   * X at 11.8%
   * (another instance of) konqueror at 10.7%

I suspect that's fairly typical, but at the moment I'm only using about 250 MB 
of swap (an instance of konqueror crashed about an hour ago--I supsect it was 
using a lot of memory and/or swap) and performance is good--I'll pay 
attention when things get worse and see how things look when I'm having 

Randy Kramer

PS: I feel like I'm  hijacking this thread--I hope Pol (and others) feel free 
to participate.

PPS: Guess I'll have a look at man top--I wonder if there is a way to have top 
display the processes in order of memory use (instead of CPU use)?--Nope, 
don't see anything, and top | sort doesn't seem to work.

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