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Re: Media control applet

On Sunday 15 January 2006 05:00, Alejandro Exojo wrote:
> El Sábado, 14 de Enero de 2006 10:12, Jean-Damien Durand escribió:
> > > Adding 'media control' applet gives requester with info that such
> > > applet cannot be found.
> Exactly this I'm seeing. :-(
> > Works for me. List of kde packages attached.
> I've checked the list, and I have the same versions of kdebase and
> kicker-applets, so I don't know what can be happening here.
> I tried with a fresh ~/.kde, and I see the same message.

I bet if you install xmms, you'll find that it starts to work.

This is probably my fault. For KDE 3.5, I added a hack to remove xmms from 
the dependencies of kicker-applets, since I found that it would still load 
without it. This way, users weren't forced to install xmms to use 

But obviously my testing wasn't thorough enough. Today I managed to 
reproduce your problem once, but now I can't do it again.... very odd.

Anyway, since I still don't want to force xmms on all kicker-applets users, 
I think it reasonable to simply disable xmms support for the next upload, 
and point users who want a kicker applet for xmms to xmms-kde, which looks 
better anyway. It's only in unstable at the moment, but is only being held 
out of testing by a missing hppa build, so it should make testing 

Sorry about the hassle. Of course, let me know if installing xmms still 
doesn't fix it.

Christopher Martin

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