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Re: can't log out

On Sunday 29 January 2006 07:48, Florian Kulzer wrote:

> Check ~/.xsession-errors for error messages which appear after an
> unsuccessful log-out attempt. Maybe they will give you a clue where
> it goes wrong.
> Close all programs, quit all applets in the system tray and try to
> log out again. Does that change anything?
> Generate a new, "clean" user and see if the problem disappears if you
> log in as that user. If so then it is clear that the problem is
> somewhere in your regular user's ~/.kde directory (which contains all
> user-specific settings of KDE). In that case you could move this
> directory out of the way by renaming it and then you could copy the
> new user's .kde in its place. If logging out still works after that
> you can carefully copy important files from the old .kde directory
> into the new one, for example your KOrganizer data or your KDE Wallet
> files. All other settings and customizations should maybe be done
> manually in the KDE Control Center, unless you really want to find
> out which file in the old .kde directory causes the problem.

Thanks for the advice - I'll give those things a try.

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