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Re: [Kde 3.5.0] problem with ë etc

2006/1/15, Alex Hermann <alex-lists@waxy.kabel.utwente.nl>:
> Where do you set your $LANG ? It must be set before KDE is started to take
> effect for KDE. If you set it in yout .bash_profile or .bashrc, it will
> only atke effect for shells, resulting in the behaviopur you describe: the
> file/dir is created in a shell with an utf-8 locale, and read in KDE with
> another locale.
> Try setting $LANG using pam_env, or start KDE with startx from an utf-8
> console.
> Alex.

I set is just be dpkg-reconfiguring the package "locales". So I assume
$LANG must be set by pam.

Frank Van Damme

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