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k3b and k3blibs missing dependencies on Sid?


I've been waiting to upgrade my Sid box to KDE3.5 as apt has been wanting
to remove k3b and k3blibs but there seems to have been no progress on
this. When I check for bugs all the bugs marked grave have been marked
as done.

Running apt-get -o Debug::pkgProblemResolver=yes dist-upgrade
offers the following:

Investigating libk3b2
Package libk3b2 has broken dep on k3blibs
  Considering k3blibs 0 as a solution to libk3b2 0
  Holding Back libk3b2 rather than change k3blibs
Investigating k3b
Package k3b has broken dep on libk3b2
  Considering libk3b2 0 as a solution to k3b 0
  Removing k3b rather than change libk3b2

Is anyone else experiencing the same problem? I'm trying to figure out
if it is a problem with the state of my system or do I just need to keep
waiting for k3b and k3blibs to catch up.



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