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Re: kded from kdelibs 3.5.1 crashing

Tim Ruehsen wrote:

>> >> Unstable users not wanting to be bothered by a constant stream of
>> >> drkonqi windows may want to put the kdelibs packages[1] on hold until
>> >> more of v3.5.1 enters the archive.
>> > 
>> > Or just 'killall drkonqi' (the 'lazy' solution). Things i use look good
>> > thereafter (konqueror, kate, kmail, konsole, netbeans, openoffice,
>> > wine). Some of these 'automatic' network drive icons disappeared from
>> > the desktop - but this may not be important to everyone.
>> That didn't do anything for me - had to "killall -9 kded" first,
>> otherwise it just kept failing and spawning more drkonqi's.
> Interesting... I did a ps -ef|grep kded to find kded processes. The only
> thing i found where drkonqi processes with some string 'kded' as command
> line option. That's why i did 'killall drkonqi', which helped.

Probably it matters what the underlying cause was.  In my case kontact was
trying to open the kde wallet to get my mail account passwords, and the
wallet/kded communication failed.  This would keep repeating until I began
to enter passwords for each account manually (I was up to ~160 drkonqi
windows when I got tied up doing something else while it was going on). 
After killing all those windows (a very slow process) they kept coming
until I killed all the kded processes, too.

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