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Re: Kmail 1.9.1 (KDE 3.5) 'save attachments' productivity loss

> Ah, now I think I understand your situation.  I'm curious what happens when 
> you want to save 1.vox, 2.vox and 3.vox to a directory that already 
> contains 2.vox.  Does it automatically overwrite?  If so, that's bad.  I'd 
> file a minor bug against that.  Or does it pop up a dialog asking what you 
> want to do.  If it's the latter, then it should give you the option to 
> rename the old file, as well as the new.  If it did, would that suffice?

For every single file which already exists you will be asked to overwrite it. 
Your only choices are 'overwrite' and 'cancel' (which should be named 
'skip'). You can't move the old file out of the way (e.g. as backup).
Even if you could: you have to do this for every single file. In the standard 
file dialog, you just mark as many files as you want and take action on all 
of them (e.g. move them into a different dir, delete etc.).

Also, the directory dialogic looks like 1:1 copy from MS Windows, where this 
kind of dialog makes me angry for years now. No, not really angry. But it 
convinces me that MS employees do not use Windows as a productive desktop 
system. Or they are just not productive ? ;-)

But after all: the directory dialog just takes away functionality without 
compensating that with anything else. either the directory dialog will be 
enhanced (which seems to be stupid) or the file dialog could be enhanced to 
just show directories (switchable off/on in the menu).

I hate to file a bug to bugs.kde.org. They like to entangle one into endless 
discussions... volunteers?

Regards, Tim

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