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Kontact / Kmail crash on start up


I'm running AMD64 sid and I am experiencing an exceedingly annoying problem 
with Kontact. I think the problem is actually Kmail as when I try and run 
Kmail on it's own I see the same problem. Anyway, the symptoms:

When I start Kontact almost immediately exits with a SIGSEGV. It last just 
about long enough to flash up the window before exiting. Starting it from the 
command line doesn't really show anything useful (Sorry I forgot to get the 
output). Repeatedly opening kontact or kmail shows exactly the same behaviour 
every time.

The only way I have found to fix this is to open thunderbird (or another mail 
client) and move the message in the inbox into another folder (eg delete my 
spam). Then kmail works fine. Thinking it was choking on one of the messages 
I tried moving them back into the inbox to see if that would trigger the 
problem again - it didn't.

The most annoying part of the problem, however, is that kmail forgets some of 
it's settings when this problem occurs. In particular it forgets all per 
directory settings such as expiry times and "act on new mail in this folder" 

Does anyone have any idea what is going on? More specifically any idea on how 
I can stop this happening :o)


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