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Re: KOffice 1.5 alpha packages for Sarge

Isaac Clerencia wrote:

> Hi, I've been working in koffice 1.5 alpha packages for Sarge
> (because they're required to create a klik package to put in a
> OpenDocument Fellowship CD this Monday).
> I've uploaded them to http://pkg-kde.alioth.debian.org/koffice-1.5-sarge/
> so you can test/enjoy them (only in Sarge). Please note that KOffice 1.5
> is not yet released, so these are alpha packages. Packaging itself has
> been done quite fast, so beware of the bugs :)
> KOffice 1.5 will be released in some days (a week/two weeks) and I'll
> upload the packages to unstable.
> Best regards
You mean the beta of KOffice? According to the release plan on kde.org, I
see that KOffice 1.5 is going to be released on March 22nd.

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