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Klipper and VIm causes problems


If I use Vim in konsole while Klipper is running, it causes a problem as
soon as I enter Visual mode (In other words, of I press the 'v' key).
First of all, the selection disappears, but pressing 'v' again makes it
work normally. The probem is, that Klipper does not work after that, and
that a lot of Vim funtions does not work correctly anymore. I cannot f.ex.
use the 'x' key to delete characters anymore. Pasting by pressing the
middlebutton only pastes the first two charaters and a lot of other
"weird" things happen. If I close and open Vim, the problem is gone, until
I press 'v' again. Closing Klipper completely removes the problem

Has any of you encountered this problem? It is quite new on this machine.
It started not more that 2 weeks ago.

Kind regards
Morten Boysen

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