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Re: Kmail 1.9.1 (KDE 3.5) 'save attachments' productivity loss

On Monday 23 January 2006 10:17, Derek Broughton wrote:
> OK, so you're not the person who presumably chose to use this widget in
> the first place,

You're right, that wasn't my decision.  And my opinions below represent what 
I _think_ the thought process is, not necessarily that I agree with it. ;-)

> but can you offer any insight into why _anybody_ would 
> choose to use a non-standard file dialog? 

Yes, because it's not a custom file dialog.  It's a directory dialog.  It's 
purpose is different; to choose a directory.  Seeing existing files (that 
you can't select) in a directory gets in the way, so only directories are 

> It bugs the heck out of me 
> when I go into a "Save" dialog and discover that it can't do all of the
> normal features - view the files, change between view modes, _delete_
> files or directories if I choose (I very often do this in a standard file
> dialog - I delete junk when it comes to my attention, which is frequently
> only when I'm saving something else there).

Viewing files you can't select makes it hard to find the directories you can 
select.  I would guess the rationale behind not having the delete files 
capability is that directory choosers are not file managers.  If you want 
to delete files, you should be using a file manager, not a file or 
directory chooser.

As for changing view modes, I can't say.  Perhaps the widget base class 
doesn't support hiding files in an icon view (or whatever) very easily.  
But I'd have to agree, changing views could be useful when selecting a 

Now, why this sort of capability (rename or delete existing files) exists in 
a file chooser but not a directory chooser is a bit weird to me.  If the 
programmer is going to stress that a directory chooser should only be for 
selecting a directory, why allow files to be deleted or renamed in a file 
chooser?  I don't know the answer to that.  Like you, I like that ability 
in a file chooser, so I'd like it in a directory chooser, too.  And if, for 
some reason, those capabilities can't be included, then why not have a 
button to launch a file manager that opens to that directory?


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