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yet another mass bug filing on GFDL issues ?


no, this is not really about the GFDL issue currently discussed, but about 
using the unmodified GFDL template in debian/copyright. Besides not being 
able to tell who has the copyright, it makes it also impossible to tell if 
there are invariant sections and/or cover texts.

Lots of packages (including most of kde, but also gcc-x.y-base, gdb, mtools, 
groff-base) are affected.

Do a 

 find /usr/share/doc -name copyright -exec grep -l "YOUR NAME" {} \;

to find those packages on your system. (This might cause a few false 
positives, figlet for example is not affected :)

AIUI, no matter how the outcome of the GFDL GR will be, these are bugs which 
needs to be fixed. So to me it smells like another mass bug filing, probably 
with user tags.

Hm, on a second thought this (*) _might_ be a feature: the GFDL says invariant 
sections need to be listed, but there aren't any, as a template has been 
used. Yay ?!

What do you think ?


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