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Re: konqueror heavy swapping +kicker and log-in errors

First of all, I want to thank everyone who has contributed (and who might yet 
contribute) to this thread--I think I'm learning quite a bit, but I do have 
more comments/questions:

On Wednesday 25 January 2006 06:04 am, Pol wrote:
> Kevin Krammer wrote:
> > What process uses most memory according to top?
> This is the normal condition, cut from the 'top' command
>  5997 pol     15   0 91408  31m  11m S  0.0  4.2   0:53.22  57m konqueror
>  6032 pol     15   0 76712  24m  11m S  4.3  3.3   6:20.76  50m konqueror
>  6043 pol     15   0 93880  41m  14m S  0.0  5.5   1:11.19  50m konqueror

Posting a recent snapshot of the top of my top:

 3242 root      15   0  202m 1972 100m S  2.3 20.0   4464:08 102m X
10217 rhk       15   0  122m  13m  91m S  2.0 18.1 293:15.56  31m konqueror
21648 rhk       15   0 79040  17m  56m S  0.0 11.2  99:33.39  20m konqueror
 9757 rhk       15   0 74300 2528 9804 S  0.3  1.9  54:44.96  62m artsd
 9735 rhk       15   0 67564 5716 9700 S  0.0  1.9  20:17.15  56m kded
31707 rhk       16   0 64168  20m  39m S  0.0  7.8  14:15.36  23m kmail
 1173 rhk       16   0 56380  17m  39m S  0.0  7.9  46:52.97  15m konqueror
31911 rhk       15   0 51396 9516  10m S  0.0  2.2   2:49.77  39m kget
19596 rhk       15   0 50568  10m  35m S  0.0  7.0   1:12.40  14m 

Hmm, the columns don't look very good as I write this (without a fixed-width 
font)--hope they look better for others.

This is a snapshot after I killed java and mysql--I'm not entirely sure why 
either was running, but java had a virtual image of something like 207m 
(which I presume is MB) and mysql was at 117m.  (I'm sure I installed both, 
but a lot of java things don't work anyway in konqueror, so I don't expect 
things to get any worse without it, and I did install mysql with the 
intention of experimenting with some small databases just to learn it--but it 
had a virtual image of 117 MB--I'll try to do without it.  (Maybe slocate or 
kat (which I've disabled) use mysql?)

Anyway, before I killed java and mysql, the virtual image for X was at 
157m--now I see that it's grown to 202m--wtf?

Also, I guess I don't really understand what the virtual image is--I thought 
it would be the total amount of memory used, whether currently in RAM or 
swapped out, and thus, it would always be bigger than the RES (resident) 
size, but I see that's not true, e.g., one of the konqueror's has 39m RES and 
56380 VIRT.  (And, I don't know how SHR fits into this.)

   * I'll appreciate any comments re the above
   * I'll keep running top sorted by VIRT, and seriously consider killing apps 
when they get big.   (For example, I know which konqueror has the 122m VIRT 
(because I start it from the konsole and then keep a record of the PID) and 
will start closing tabs (after doing what I planned to do with those pages) 
in it until I can close it altogether and start a new instance.)

It is interesting that apparently some web pages use much more memory than 
others, and I suspect it's not based solely on "raw" content--anyway, I want 
to start trying to notice which pages are real hogs, then either avoid 
opening them, or opening them in a "throwaway" instance of konqueror.

Thanks again!
Randy Kramer

PS: Per another post, I've also reduced my swappiness from 60 (apparently the 
default on Mandriva2006) to 10.

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