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/boot (was Installation experiences) Re: Booting into Win95 Booting into Win95 [was: Re: GRUB maintainership] booting problems Can I get a CD? Cross Package Building and IMPORTANT symlinks in /gnu/lib. CVS GRUB is available dpkg-source -x *****s system e2fsprogs uploaded EGCS ! Re: EIEIO emacs et al. experimental version of dpkg FAQs Relocated to glibc 2.0.112 broken glibc-2.0.112 down? gnumach-1.1.90 gnumach-1.1.90 and grub-0.5 uploaded Gordbert, the evil HR director [was: Hurd PPP] grub Grub boots only from floppy GRUB installation thoughts Re: GRUB maintainership huge libc-dbg package (32MB deb, unpacks to 120+ MB) Hurd and large partitions hurd isnt finding servers.boot Hurd Network? Hurd packages uploaded to Debian Hurd PPP I'd love to help translate! Idiot's guide rename? Important updates in the archive Installation experiences intent-to-package gnumach-1.1.90 last call for GRUB maintainership Let's talk about intermediate release... Mach Interface Generator --Native version make-cross 1.5 is released make-cross and default libdirs makeinfo in contrib/marcus Maximize Your Website's Traffic! my GRUB patches Re: new hurd feature --boot-command, boot without a partition Newbie hurdsman problems packages to download Parsing of Config files (was Re: GRUB installation thoughts) random hurd hang ups (was: Re: dpkg-source -x *****s system Reporting bugs [was: Tagged paging area?] rpctrace uploaded to Re: runlevels SCSI Problem with the MACH kernel some tasks for suitably interested hackers Success, to some extent Tagged paging area? Re: third attempt of an idiot? Unwholesomely-Huge libc0.2-dbg Pkg updated base? Re: Uploaded dpkg-hurd 1.4.1-1 (source hurd-i386) to master Re: Uploaded e2fsprogs 1.12-4.1 (source hurd-i386) to master uploaded egcs 2.91.60-2.1 Use report VIM Packages uploaded The last update was on 13:30 GMT Sat May 11. There are 167 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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