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I am uploading new packages:

gcc, g++, gobjc, g77, libstdc++2.9, libstdc++2.9-dev, libg++2.8, libg++2.8-dev

gcc: This will replace gcc in the archive.
g++: You also need libstdc++* and install them at the same time, on one
     command line, orusing --force-depends.
libstdc++2.9: Compiled with _NOTHREADS !!! as pthreads are not available
     yet. If you need threading, forget it or implement pthreads first.
     (pthreads will allow us to compile interesting projects like Berlin).

gobjc, g77, libg++ are completely untested (the latter does only contain a
static library, libg++2.8 is probably very useless, only libg++2.8-dev
contains something. Anyway, we shouldn't use it).

I hope the packages work. I have not checked the specs file (I was lazy),
but it should contain Mark's patch. I have put them together manually (the
build process stopped in the install phase, because some filenames were not
correct, the rules file is very complex), but I was able to compile C++
stuff, so they should work.

Please test them and report any mistakes. I will leave the build tree around
for a while.

Apt is under way, but the header files in gnumach/hurd/glibc need some
fixes. Follow bug-hurd closely the next days for more information.

Thank you,

"Rhubarb is no Egyptian god."        Debian GNU/Linux        finger brinkmd@ 
Marcus Brinkmann                   http://www.debian.org    master.debian.org
Marcus.Brinkmann@ruhr-uni-bochum.de                        for public  PGP Key
http://homepage.ruhr-uni-bochum.de/Marcus.Brinkmann/       PGP Key ID 36E7CD09

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