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Re: dpkg-source -x *****s system

On Wed, 10 Feb 1999, M.C. Vernon wrote:

> 	When running debian-source -x on ud (a small package), it gets as
> far as unpacking ud-fooo in ud-0.7.1/, and then hangs. If I ^c or ^z it,
> then I get bash back again, but cd .. or ls, or anything like that will
> hang...... 

I once got the same results from
	ls -l /linux/dev | less
(actually, I was in the /linux/dev dir)
When I tried to run any program, it just hung until I pressed ^C a
gazillion times. I finally had to boot the computer hard.

I tried the same thing later and the computer rebooted itself after some
messages like:
/linux/dev/<name of device file>: Computer bought the farm

I tried it _again_, but no crash (darn! :) )

Weird, huh?

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